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Teamwork. It's when you are friends for many years, and suddenly realize that each of you brings something to the table to complement the other. Meet Carole Caves and Dorry Townend

Carole trained at the hands of thirty of Sassoon's most respected masters at Vidal Sassoon on Rodeo Drive.

The experience continues to define me as a hair designer today. Later working on television shows such as Dynasty, Charles in Charge, The Golden Eagle Awards, The Oscars and photo shoots, which included Playboy. Life and family brought me to beautiful Boise, Id. where I continue to educate local stylists.

Dorry owns a successful production company with her husband Ian, where they focus on creative aspects of marketing, video production, audio, and web/graphic design. Dorry in her younger years toured in a rock band around the UK and Ireland.

Working together after so many years of friendship is so much fun!!

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